Basic carpark information of participating carparks in Kowloon East
Development Bureau Transport JSON API Available
Update Frequency: Realtime

Provide basic carpark information of participating carparks such as location, parking fee, opening hour, height restriction, etc.


Query string parameters:

  • carparkTypes: Optional. The type of carpark to be included. Valid values are:
    • multi-storey: Multi-storey Carpark Building
    • off-street: Off-Street Parking
    • metered. Parking Meters
  • vehicleTypes: Optional. The type of vehicle to be included. Valid values are:
    • privateCar: Private Car
    • LGV: Light Goods Vehicle
    • HGV: Heavy Goods Vehicle
    • coach: Coach
    • motorCycle: Motor Cycle
  • carparkIds: Optional. Comma separated IDs of carparks to be included.
  • extent: Optional. Carparks that are within the bounds of the rectangle are retuned. Valid value is comma separated values of left longitude, bottom latitude, right longitude and top latitude of bounding rectangle.
  • fullload: Optional. Load detailed carpark information in payload. Default is false. Valid values are:
    • true: include detailed information (e.g. hourly rates).
    • false: include basic information only.
  • lang: Optional.To define the display language. Default is en_US. Valid values are:
    • en_US: English
    • zh_TW. Traditional Chinese

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