Vacancy information of 2020/21 K1 classes (English)
Last updated on: 14/02/2020
Update Frequency: On a need basis

This dataset provides list of vacancy information of 2020/21 K1 classes by district.

Points to Note:
1. Please note that the information is for reference only and subject to updating (Next update date: 14 February 2020).
2. For seeking K1 places, please call relevant kindergartens (KGs) direct. Student admission result is at the discretion of the KGs.
3. For more information about KGs, please approach relevant KGs direct or browse the website of Profile of Kindergartens and Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centres
4. Annotations of relevant items in the table below :
- Vacancy :
Y – With vacancy
N – Without vacancy
P – Applications on the waiting list being processed
NA – Information temporarily not available
- If # is marked against the school name, it denotes that the school has not joined the kindergarten education scheme.

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