Empirical Data of the Public Policy Research (PPR) Funding Scheme Project (Project No: 2013.A7.001.13A) “Developing and Integrated Construction Waste Management Policy Framework in Hong Kong”

Update Frequency: As and when necessary

Principal Investigator: Professor ZHANG Xueqing

Institution: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Five years after completion of the research projects granted under the PPR Funding Scheme, the empirical data generated from the research would be released to the public. Only research raw data (e.g. surveys) of completed projects that are provided in file format of comma-separated values (CSV) will be uploaded under the Open Data Plan. Raw data provided in formats other than CSV will only be uploaded onto the website of the Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office (PICO). Data contents vary depending on the studies.

PICO’s website: https://www.pico.gov.hk/en/PRFS/ppr-reports.html

Users of the data sets archived are required to acknowledge the research team and PICO. Such sharing of project data among the public policy community would facilitate the development of evidence-based public policy research in Hong Kong.

[Remarks: Parts of the data sets archived may contain Chinese/English version only.]

Data Dictionar(ies) : https://www.pico.gov.hk/en/filestore/data_dic_of_empirical_data_2013-A7-001-13A.pdf

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