Boundaries of Planning Data Districts (Territorial Population and Employment Data Matrix)

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Boundaries of 26 Planning Data Districts (PDDs) under Generalised Version of Territorial Population and Employment Data Matrix (TPEDM).

As the TPEDM has been compiled primarily for the purpose of strategic transport planning, the geographical demarcation system was drawn up mainly taking into account the accessibility of road and public transport, anticipation of changes in land use or transport network and the homogeneity of activities/predominance of one land use. The compatibility with the geographical demarcation system adopted in population censuses (i.e. Tertiary Planning Unit and Street Block) was also considered so as to facilitate the use of census results in the compilation. However, the boundaries of PDDs neither match those of the District Council Districts (which are electoral boundaries) nor those of the New Towns (which were developed by the Civil Engineering and Development Department and the Planning Department for new town development purposes).

In translating the boundaries of PDDs to digital format, reference has been made to different topographic maps, which may of various scales, prepared by Survey and Mapping Office, Lands Department available at the time of preparation. Since the geographical features on these maps may be updated from time to time, the boundaries of PDDs may not tally with the latest situation. Users are responsible for making their own assessment of the obtained data and are advised to verify such information before acting on it.

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