Projections of Population Distribution 2019-2028 (Statistical tables inside the report) (English and Traditional Chinese Version) Table 7 : Projected Population by District Council District by Quinquennial Age Group, 2019-2028 (Figures of 2018 are base year estimates)
Last updated on: 26/07/2019
Update Frequency: As and when necessary

The Working Group on Population Distribution Projections (WGPD) has completed the compilation of the projections of population distribution for 2019-2028, which adopted the latest Census and Statistics Department's projections of territorial population released in September 2017 as the control totals.

Forecast housing supply data adopted by the projections have taken into account all planning information of housing development proposals that were known up to the second quarter of 2018 and other assumptions.

The WGPD compiles projected distributions of population by District Council District (DCD), New Town, as well as Tertiary Planning Unit (TPU). In addition, the projected age structures of population in individual DCDs and New Towns are also compiled.

Please refer to the disclaimer before using results of the projections of population distribution 2019 – 2028.

More information about the background, projection method and geographical demarcation adopted in compiling and disseminating results of the projections of population distribution 2019 - 2028 are available in the report "Projections of Population Distribution 2019 – 2028".


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