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Data Providers: Department of Health 

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List of Licensed Drug Dealers (English Only)

List showing the name of company, address of company, licence type, district and telephone number of each licensed drug dealer

List of Licensed Pharmacies (English Only)

List showing the name, address, district and telephone number of each licensed pharmacy (Authorized Seller of Poisons)

List of Registered Pharmaceutical Products

List showing the name of product, name of registration certificate holder, Hong Kong registration number (Permit No) and active ingredient(s) of each registered pharmaceutical product.

List of applications for proprietary Chinese medicine (pCm) registration

List showing the product name, trademark text, product holder (pCm wholesaler/ pCm manufacturer), pCm registration number/application number and active ingredients displayed on the pCm label etc.

List of holders of certificate for manufacturer (good manufacturing practice for proprietary Chinese medicines) API available

List showing company name, certificate number, company address and address of manufacturing plant of Holders of Certificate for Manufacturer (Good Manufacturing Practice for Proprietary Chinese Medicines)

Lists of Chinese medicine practitioners API available

List of Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners / List of Chinese Medicine Practitioners with Limited Registration / List of Listed Chinese Medicine Practitioners / Addresses of Listed Chinese Medicine Practitioners

Lists of licensed Chinese medicines traders API available

Lists showing company name, licence number, company address, etc of licensed traders in Retailers & Wholesalers of Chinese herbal medicines, and Manufacturers & Wholesalers of proprietary Chinese medicnes.