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2016 Population By-census (Boundaries of New Towns)

Boundaries of New Towns adopted in 2016 Population By-census. In translating the boundaries of New Towns for 2016 Population By-census to digital format, reference has been made to different topographic maps, which may of various scales, prepared...

3D photo-realistic model

Planning Department (PlanD) has prepared a 3D photo-realistic model for part of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula. The 3D photo-realistic model for Hong Kong Island (part) and Kowloon Peninsula (part) were formulated based on the aerial photos...

Approved Competent Persons for Locating Underground Electricity Cables API available

List of approved competent persons for locating underground electricity cables

Auto-LPG Prices

Pricing adjustment mechanism for auto-LPG at dedicated LPG filling stations

Community Recreation and Sports Programmes

Information on leisure activities to be held one and a half months later uploaded on the 15th of each month (e.g. information on activities in July will be made available on 15 May).

Competent Persons (Class 6) API available

List of registered vehicle mechanics and list of competent persons qualified in servicing LPG vehicle