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Address Lookup Service API available

1. Address Lookup Service is a web service providing lookup function on Hong Kong address records in both Chinese and English aggregated from various Government Bureaux/Departments. This web service allows data consumers to look up address records in...

Approved fund-raising activities API available

Information of approved fund-raising activities for Public Subscription Permit, Temporary Hawker Licence, Lottery Licence and Non-Charitable Fund-Raising Permit. HTTP method: GET **Parameters**: - fromdate: First date in a date range of the...

Awarded service contracts of SOA-QPS

The Standing Offer Agreement for Quality Professional Services (SOA-QPS) enlarges the Government's delivery capacity for public services and accelerates the delivery of IT solutions to support the increasing demand of quality e-Government services. ...

Contractor List of Centrally organised IT contracts API available

The Government has arranged various centrally organised IT contracts for providing IT products and services to the bureaux and departments. IT firms may find it valuable to have collaboration opportunities with the existing contractors.

EventHK information API available

Events from various bureaux/departments and organisations disseminated through EventHK mobile app.

GovHK Notifications API available

Information and alert notifications from various bureaux/departments disseminated through the one-stop platform of "GovHK Notifications".

Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set related information

Information related to the Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS) including code point, character, Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set version when characters were first included, Cangjei code, Cantonese pinyin and source reference.

IT Services Suppliers API available

IT Services Suppliers including Active Suppliers and Interested Suppliers. Active Suppliers are those suppliers that have supplied Information Technology (IT) professional services to the Government over the past three years, either as a contractor...

List of Job Vacancies of OGCIO

To provide relevant information of Job Vacancies of the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer.

Listing of Government Public Cloud Services Providers

The Government has developed a list of government public cloud services providers for reference by bureaux and departments in procuring public cloud services. IT firms may find it valuable to have collaboration opportunities with the listed providers.

Parking Vacancy Data (One-Stop Version) API available

This API provides parking vacancy data and basic car park information consolidated from datasets in the PSI Portal provided by (1) Transport Department...

Past Programmes in Encouraging ICT Adoption among the Elderly by OGCIO

List of completed programmes funded by the OGCIO in encouraging ICT adoption among the elderly - the OGCIO implemented various programmes in past years to encourage elderly using ICT to improve their quality of life and stay connected to the community...

Press Release Search API available

"Press Release Search" is a web service providing search function on the "Press Releases" dataset provided by the Information Services Department...

RTHK New Media Services Annual Plan 2018/19

Reference data of RTHK New Media Services Annual Plan - 2018/19

RTHK Programme Direction 2018/19

Reference data of RTHK annual plan - programme direction