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2017 HKDSE Analysis of results of candidates in each subject

The 2017 HKDSE Examination offers 24 Category A subjects, 19 of which offer both Chinese and English versions for candidates to choose from. The same marking scheme and grading standard were used for the Chinese and English versions of subjects with...

2017 HKDSE Results statistics

The general minimum requirement for admissions to first-degree courses in tertiary institutions is ‘core subjects at 3322’, which refers to attainment with level 3 in Chinese Language and English Language, and level 2 in Mathematics Compulsory Part...

Accommodation and Student Enrolment in Kindergartens by Grade

Provides accommodation and student enrolment in kindergartens by grade

Day Schools by Level and Sector

Provides day schools by level and sector

Deadlines for Submissions of Various Applications API available

Provides a list of deadlines for submissions of various applications

Distribution of Educational Attainment of Population Aged 15 and Over

Provides distribution of educational attainment of population aged 15 and over.

Educational and Training Institutions by Level of Education of Courses Offered

Provides the number of educational and training institutions by level of education of courses offered.

Facilities Information

Facilities and Contacts Information on the Self-financing Post-secondary Institutions

Government Expenditure on Education

Provides government expenditure on education.

Key Statistics on Kindergarten Education

Provides key statistics on kindergarten education.

Key Statistics on Primary Education

Provides key statistics on primary education.

Key Statistics on Secondary Education

Provides key statistics on secondary education.

Key Statistics on Special Education

Provides key statistics on special education.

List of Academic Programme Categories API available

List of all academic programme categories.

List of Kindergartens Joining the Kindergarten Education Scheme in the 2018/19 school year

Provide list of kindergartens joining the Kindergarten Education Scheme in the 2018/19 school year

List of Local Kindergartens (KGs) Not Joining the KG education scheme in the current school year but Participating in the “K1 Admission Arrangements”

Provide list of local kindergartens (KGs) not joining the KG education scheme in the current school year but participating in the "K1 Admission Arrangements"

List of Study Room API available

List of study room operated / subvented by the Education Bureau, the Leisure and Cultural Services Deparment, the Social Welfare Department, the Home Affairs Department and non-government organizations.

List of UGC-funded Programmes API available

List of all UGC-funded programmes.

Operating Classes, Accommodation, Student Enrolment and Repeaters in Primary Schools by Grade

Provides operating classes, accommodation, student enrolment and repeaters in primary schools by grade