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Address Lookup Service API available

1. Address Lookup Service is a web service providing lookup function on Hong Kong address records in both Chinese and English aggregated from various Government Bureaux/Departments. This web service allows data consumers to look up address records in...

Ambulatory and Community Services Throughputs

Ambulatory and Community Services Throughputs

Approved fund-raising activities API available

Information of approved fund-raising activities for Public Subscription Permit, Temporary Hawker Licence, Lottery Licence and Non-Charitable Fund-Raising Permit. HTTP method: GET **Parameters**: - fromdate: First date in a date range of the...

Coin Cart Schedule API available

This API is providing the location and schedule for Coin Cart.

Community Recreation and Sports Programmes

Information on leisure activities to be held one and a half months later uploaded on the 15th of each month (e.g. information on activities in July will be made available on 15 May).