Quarterly-updated Civil Service Personnel Statistics
Update Frequency: Quarterly

Under the Open Data Policy of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the Government), the Quarterly-updated Civil Service Personnel Statistics on establishment and strength, appointments and staff wastage of the civil service is released in machine readable format (CSV file format).

The Quarterly-updated Civil Service Personnel Statistics is also uploaded onto the Civil Service Bureau Homepage at https://www.csb.gov.hk/english/stat/quarterly/539.html.

Please pay attention to the following when using the statistics –

  1. The statistics are based on figures reported by government departments.
  2. All statistics include civil servants working in government departments and those who have been seconded/posted to subvented/public-funded bodies, e.g. Hong Kong Monetary Authority and Hospital Authority.
  3. These sets of statistics are updated on a quarterly basis. Please refer to “Annually-updated Civil Service Personnel Statistics” dataset for Annually-updated Civil Service Personnel Statistics.

Data Dictionar(ies) : https://www.csb.gov.hk/datagovhk/csps-quarterly/csps-quarter-data-dictionary-en.pdf

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