Behavioural Risk Factor Survey
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Behavioural Risk Factor Survey

(i) Body Mass Index (BMI) distribution (adult Europeans and Chinese adults in Hong Kong)

(ii) Weight control data

(iii) Days of physical activity (vigorous, moderate and walking)

(iv) Level of physical activity

(v) Leisure-time exercise data

(vi) Eating habits (consumption of fruit, vegetable, grains or cereals, meat, processed meat, eggs, dairy products, soybean curb or soybean milk)

(vii) Intake of fluids

(viii) Eating out data (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

(ix) Drinking pattern (alcohol consumption and binge drinking)

(x) Smoking pattern

(xi) Preventive services practices (cervical screening and influenza vaccination)

(xii) Food handling practices (food washing, raw and cooked food storage, cooking/reheating food and hand washing)

(xiii) Oral health practices (teeth-brushing habit, use of dental floss and dental checkup)

(xiv) Road safety practices (speed driving, drink driving, use of seatbelt and jay-walking)

(xv) Stress coping method

(xvi) Mask wearing habit

(xvii) Television watching habit (weekdays and weekends)

(xviii) Internet surfing habit (weekdays and weekends)

(xix) Sleeping hours

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Item (ix) - Ms. AU YEUNG Kit Mei, May, Scientific Offr(DP)2; Other items - Dr. WAN Wai Chun, Lilian, Scientific Offr(DP)3
call 2961 8768; 2961 8770

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