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For town planning purpose, the whole territory of Hong Kong is divided into various Tertiary Planning Units (TPUs) in the Population Census / Population By-census. On the one hand, these TPUs are sub-divided into Subunits in 2021 Population Census (but divided into Street Blocks (SBs) or Village Clusters (VCs) in urban and rural areas respectively in 2001 Population Census; 2006 Population By-census; 2011 Population Census; and 2016 Population By-census). On the other hand, these TPUs are aggregated under 52 Secondary Planning Units (SPUs) at the next higher level (only 51 SPUs in 2001 Population Census). The SPUs are further grouped under nine Primary Planning Units (PPUs) at the highest level. Each of the TPU is identified by a unique three-digit number. The first digit of a TPU number identifies the PPU code while the first and second digits together correspond to the SPU code.

In translating the boundaries of TPUs and Subunits or SBs/VCs for Population Census / Population By-census to digital format, reference has been made to different topographic maps, which may of various scales, prepared by Survey and Mapping Office, Lands Department available at the time of preparation. Since the geographical features on these maps may be updated from time to time, the boundaries of TPUs and Subunits or SBs/VCs may not tally with the latest situation. Users are responsible for making their own assessment of the obtained data and are advised to verify such information before acting on it.

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