Profile and Operations of Brownfield Sites in the New Territories

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The following data resource in GEOJSON and GML format will be removed in February 2024.

Planning Department (PlanD) completed the “Study on Existing Profile and Operation of Brownfield Sites in the New Territories – Feasibility Study” (“the Brownfield Study”) in November 2019. The major task was to capture a snapshot of comprehensive profile (including overall distribution, size, characteristics, economic uses, etc.) across brownfield sites in the New Territories (“NT”). Based on on-site surveys, the Brownfield Study identified a total of 1 414 hectares (ha) of brownfield sites with active operations, and some other 165 ha with no operation, in the New Territories.

The multiple file formats are available for dataset download in API.

The open data is the geographical distribution of brownfield sites according to the findings of the Brownfield Study.

The geographical distribution of brownfield sites may not tally with the latest situation. General extent of brownfield sites, instead of boundaries of individual site, is shown in this website. All map information provided on this website are for general reference only but not for site identification.

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