Speed map panels
Update Frequency: Every 2 minutes

Images of speed map panels at five locations in the New Territories indicating the latest traffic conditions.

Note: These datasets are real-time images of speed map panels located at five locations near major roads in the New Territories for indicating the latest traffic conditions and average journey time.

The panels display the traffic condition of the road network ahead with a three-colour scheme: Red – congested Amber – slow Green – smooth

If the images are temporarily unavailable, a \"No Service\" image will be displayed.

HTTP status 301 or 302 may be returned. In this case, redirection should be followed and the image should be retrieved from the forwarded URL.

The journey time information indicated on each speed map panel are also uploaded to the Application of "Journey Time Indicators" in XML file format - https://data.gov.hk/en-data/dataset/hk-td-sm_2-journey-time-indicators . For traffic condition of the road sections as displayed in the panels, please also refer to the Application of "Traffic speed map" showing average traffic speed of major roads in Hong Kong in XML file format. https://data.gov.hk/en-data/dataset/hk-td-sm_1-traffic-speed-map

Data Dictionar(ies) : http://static.data.gov.hk/td/speed-map-panels/en/ntsmp_dataspec.pdf

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