Traffic snapshot images
(1) The cameras and related equipment of smart lampposts for traffic snapshot images have ceased to provide services. Relevant data resources (i.e. Wai Yip Street near Sheung Yuet Road and Shing Kai Road near Muk Chui Street traffic snapshot images) were removed on 29th May 2020.; (2) 30 new traffic snapshot images are added and they can be searched by keyword “AID”.
Update Frequency: Every 2 minutes

The traffic snapshot images are captured by the closed circuit televisions (CCTV) and the traffic detectors installed at 191 locations and 211 locations of major roads in Hong Kong for you to visualise the latest traffic conditions.

Response format: Method 1: JPEG (image size 320 x 240)

Method 2: JPEG (image size 320 x 240) base64-encoded in XML

HTTP method: GET

Request Path Method 1: Example:

Method 2: Example:

For parameters, please refer to: Data resources of CCTV camera locations information

Usage note HTTP status 301 or 302 may be returned. In this case, redirection should be followed and the image should be retrieved from the forwarded URL.

If the Traffic Snapshot Images are temporarily unavailable, the "No Service" image will be shown.

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