Parking vacancy data
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The Transport Department is cooperating with car park operators to open up their parking vacancy data and basic car park information such as location, address, height restriction, etc.

Users can read this consolidated list to enquire the numerous car park names and links of the vacancy data (total 174 car parks). Data resource as shown below refers to JSON format of the all car parks basic information and vacancy data.

To retrieve particular car park information and vacancy data, please use the following deeplinks :

Basic information :[X].json

Parking Vacancy data :[X].json

Note : [X] represents “park_id” which can be referred to data resource in JSON file of Basic Information of Participating Car Parks

Users can also access the data through Parking Vacancy Data (One-Stop Version) (API).

Data Dictionar(ies) :

Historical Data Download Historical Data
We have gathered historical data for your convenience. Historical data is the previous version(s) of a file(s). Specify a date range and add to the download queue.

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