2017 HKDSE Analysis of results of candidates in each subject

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The 2017 HKDSE Examination offers 24 Category A subjects, 19 of which offer both Chinese and English versions for candidates to choose from. The same marking scheme and grading standard were used for the Chinese and English versions of subjects with bilingual versions. The language used by the candidates in the examination is not printed on the certificate. Besides, there are 40 Category B subjects and 6 Category C subjects. Each candidate may enter for a maximum of 8 subjects.

For Category A subjects, achievements in the examination are indicated by five levels (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) of which 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. To give recognition to outstanding candidates, top candidates within level 5 are awarded level 5 and level 5* as appropriate. Achievements below level 1 are designated as ‘Unclassified’ and are not recorded on the certificate.

For Category B subjects, assessment is undertaken by course providers. After moderation by the HKEAA, the final results are recorded on the HKDSE certificate. The results are reported as ‘Attained’ and ‘Attained with Distinction’. ‘Unattained’ results are not recorded on the certificate.

Category C subjects are examined on Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level question papers from Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International). Marking and grading are conducted by Cambridge International. Achievements in the examination are indicated by five grades (a, b, c, d, e) of which a is the highest and e is the lowest. Achievements below grade e are designated as ‘Ungraded’ and are not recorded on the certificate.

This dataset includes the performance of candidates in each Category A, B, and C subject.

Data Dictionar(ies) : http://www.hkeaa.edu.hk/DocLibrary/HKDSE/Exam_Report/Examination_Statistics/HKEAA_DataSpec_2017_HKDSE_Analysis_of_results_of_candidates_in_each_subject_en.pdf
Reference(s) : http://www.hkeaa.edu.hk/en/HKDSE/assessment/exam_reports/exam_stat/

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